About Us

We at Tennis Revolution are tennis fanatics who know that the greatest sport of all is…tennis! We feel that the task of promoting the game to the extent that it deserves is a huge challenge, yet we are chipping away at it one step at a time. We believe that if everyone does a little bit, no matter how minute and insignificant you think it may be, to spread the spirit of tennis, this will definitely raise awareness of how beautiful tennis is.

We invite you to share this tennis journey with us…

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For tennis to thrive as the greatest sport in the world, we need more people:

a) playing tennis,
b) learning through lessons,
c) watching tennis and
d) attending tennis tournaments throughout the world.

We are focusing on one place at a time, here where we live: in Singapore. Of the four points above our initial course of action is with a) increasing participation, playing and competitive opportunities and b) making available tennis coaching. For both of these we have already implemented the chance for all to play and learn all day, every day for 12 months of the year.